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Walden Services Inc.




Walden Services was started as a business consulting firm in the 90’s, but saw the need to offer more to our clients. We incorporated in 1998 and put out the first release of the Harvest Distribution Software shortly thereafter. The reputation of the Harvest Distribution Software is that it is very easy to learn to use, feature rich, and that it is a well integrated system from order entry to accounting, from materials availability to purchasing history to supplier account information, from customer credit availability to sales data.

The reputation of the people that have worked at Walden Services is that we are very professional and always go the extra mile for our clients. How many other companies do you work with that actually have a person answer the phone that can answer questions? Many of our clients work long hours, so one of our goals from the beginning was to provide a system that functions 24/7, no matter how small or big the company. We understand the importance of being able to process sales quickly and efficiently every day, but especially at crunch time before each month end, and the importance of having solid software support every day, but especially over the weekend that clients do their annual inventory count.

We have been fortunate enough to work with great people and great companies that have experienced great success with our software. To mention just a few… Crawford Electric (Dallas, TX) had the Harvest Software since they opened their doors in the 90’s, grew to be the largest single location distributor in the U.S., added two locations, and were acquired by Sonepar in 2008. Independent Electric (San Carlos, CA) took their first leap into an ERP system with Harvest in 2001 and more than tripled their sales and the size of their company over the next eight years.

By putting out new releases of the Harvest Software approximately every fourteen months, we have been able to add many exciting, new features to the software as business needs have changed over the years. These include the ability to e-mail documents and reports, integration with other software packages for faxing, display of product images, printing of forms on laser printers, and bar-code scanning and labels. Also, the ability to export report information to spreadsheets, import product information from pricing services and directly from manufacturers, and use of drill-down techniques in the accounting system.

Our current goals are to continue to make the software feature rich, while giving the software a ‘face-lift’ by developing a graphical version of Harvest, and continuing to provide quick, thorough, and personal software support to our clients.